We require a non refundable deposit to hold the puppy.
The deposit will guarantee that your puppy
will not be purchased by anyone else.
Deposit can be paid thru
(Please click the Paypal payment button and follow them.)
Western Union,Wal*mart money gram or
with postal money order send overnight.
When I receive a deposit, your puppy will be removed from my
website. I will also send you a receipt for your payment.
The balance must be paid before 7th week of age prior to shipping.
Each puppy must be at least  8 weeks old to be shipped.
Deposit will be returned only if puppy cannot be sold due to illness.
Most my adult dogs are  triple registered with AKC, APRI and CKC.
My standard color puppies will be APRI or CKC registered,
Most my exotic colored puppies will  come with AKC registration.
Each puppy comes only with 1 kind of registration, please do not ask for triple registry.
All my puppies are sold as " companion pets"  unless otherwise agreed
upon between new buyer and myself..
Any puppy NOT orange, orange sable, black, sable, cream and red is usually an exotic color.
White, blue, blue & tan, blue sable, black & tan, beaver, lavender, lavender & tan,chocolate,
chocolate & tan, chocolate sable and all merles are examples of exotic colors.
Price of a exotic colored puppies and also very tiny puppies are higher due to the large demand for them.
Say " NO" to pet stores, please do NOT support puppy mills..
Did you know that about 95% of pet stores puppies
are coming from   PUPPY MILLS?
They are buying puppies from pet brokers
who buys them from a puppy mills.
If you are looking for new puppy, please find
a reputable breeder or go to a shelter.

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PayPal protects buyers 100% against unauthorized payments from their accounts.

If you are using Paypal as payment option,
please add additional 3.5 % to cover the
fees Paypal charges me. Thanks.
My Paypal  address: