I am safely & quickly ship my puppies to you anywhere in the country
or internationally if that is possible.
I do use air cargo airlines, or one of my shipper's,
who will deliver your puppy to closest airport.
I just need to give me 1-2 your closest major airport (s), and I'll handle the rest.
We now have a puppy Nanny who will be able to fly with your puppy in the cabin of the plane
to personally hand deliver your puppy to your airport.
This is less stressful for everyone involved. When shipping this way we are bound by her schedule.
Sometimes it can take a week to make arrangements for shipping.
This is far better for the puppy to travel in the cabin and have a person there assisting and reassuring the puppy,
making sure they are comfortable and secure. This is my preferred method of shipping.
If the puppy nanny is not available at the time of purchase, we can ship in the normal fashion.
Or you can fly out and pick your puppy up in person from Orlando international Airport (MCO)
or Daytona Beach International airport (DAB) or Sanford /Orlando international airport (SFB).  

I get lots of questions about shipping a puppy, mostly about the safety aspect of the trip.
It is very safe when certain precautions are taken, and I have not yet experienced any travel related problems.
Most puppies arrive at their destination completely happy to see their new owners.
You should always take your puppy or puppies out of the carrier immediately upon getting them from the airlines
person to let it know the flight is over and they are going home to be loved, fed and babied.
Always make sure the puppy has access to Royal Canine
puppy mini dry puppy food  (which is what they are fed here).
It’s always a safe thing to give them a syringe full of Pedial
ayte  to replenish their electrolytes lost during the stress of the trip.
99% of the puppies arrive without any physical problems from the stress of the flight.
However, 1% of them do have difficulty; anything from being slightly shy and insecure in their new home, to not eating.
We deworm our puppies very frequently here. It’s very important for the puppies, in the first 3 months of life,
to make sure they are as parasite free as possible.
You can never eliminate 100% of the parasites in a dogs system but we certainly try to eliminate all that are possible.
Sometimes stress can cause system upsets and you need to continue the best of care on your end after you receive the pet.
The puppies from us are healthy and well adjusted.
Shipping weakens some of the puppies immune system and they benefit from the help of a light antibiotic
just to help their system get used to their new surroundings.
Sometimes when puppies arrive at their destination, the flight was more than they could handle emotionally.
They may not eat right away, and the new owners may not know to make the puppy eat.
Its sugar level might have dropped, which is called Hypoglycemia.
Hypoglycemia is a condition, when levels of glucose in the blood drop rapidly,
the body and brain are deprived of essential nutrients. The result is possible weakness and/or seizures.
Hypoglycemia is common in toy breeds of dogs, especially young puppies or extremely small dogs.
It`s usually caused by stress or lack of food.
If your puppy looks sleepy for no reason, starts to sway or wobble when it walks,  loses energy and lies down,
or simply falls over, reach for some Karo syrup, honey, or a tube of Nutrical or Nutristat, available from your pet  store.
Rub the syrup, honey, or sweet supplement paste on the dog`s gums and the roof of its mouth.
The gums will absorb the sugar quickly and get it into the bloodstream, and placing it on the roof of the mouth will stimulate
the licking and swallowing reflex to get more of it in the puppy.
Warm the dog up with a blanket or a well-insulated heating pad or hot-water bottle.
The puppy should improve in 15 to 30 minutes.
If the above mentioned fails or if you come to a puppy that`s unconscious, unresponsive, or seizing,
rush it immediately to the veterinarian or emergency clinic for a glucose IV.
You can prevent hypoglycemic episodes by making sure your pup gets several small meals daily.
Some dog owners and holistic veterinarians believe that fresh foods,
rather than commercial diets, are better at maintaining consistent glucose levels.
If you feed a homemade diet, leave out some high-quality dry food for your dog to nibble on between
meals. Don`t let your dog wear itself out, and make sure that he always stays warm.
It can`t hurt to offer a little honey or Nutrical any time your dog has been exerting himself and just before bedtime.
Hypoglycemia is a possible problem with all toy breeds.
Vets unfamiliar with toy breeds often misdiagnose the condition, even put the puppies to death!
As a toy breeder or pet owner, it is important to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia and know how to treat it.
Hypoglycemia is easily treatable in the early stages, but fatal if allowed to progress.
Many puppies are lost needlessly to it because of the ignorance on the part of their owner or vet.
Please call us if you have any questions or concerns . We want the BEST for the pups we raise.
My # 1 choice for shipping  my puppies is the United Airlines, but sometime even Delta, or another airlines.
Due to the increase in fuel prices and airfare, air cargo shipping is now around $ 300.00,
shipping with a Nanny on board is $ 350.00 - $ 400.00.
Shipping Your Puppy
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