Why boys are better pets then girls ?

Most phone calls I am receiving are:

"I want a girl" because that's what I have always had, or what I have heard is the best decision.
Does this sound familiar?
If so, I feel as a breeder it is somewhat  my responsibility to help educate the average pet owner
that, boys make great pets too!
I love both my girls and boys, however boys are the first ones there for attention and the last
ones to leave, but they don't have the need to be in your face all the time.
Many people believe that females don't display alpha behaviors like "Marking", or "Humping",
that they are easier to get along with and take less work than males,
and that females don't participate in fighting over dominance.
There is a reason why people call them a bitch.
There is always one ruler of the roost and every one bows down to HER, even the males.
If you like going to the park where other dogs will be, a male would be a much better choice,
they tend to get along better with others,
they are there to have fun and they don't care who's in charge .
I would prefer to send boys home with families with kids because they like to be in the middle of
the fun, females tend to tire of it all and find a place to be out of the way not to be bothered.
It's recommended having your pup spayed or neutered  by 4 to 5 months of age,
if done by this age boys rarely learn to lift their legs or hump.
Most boys are easily motivated by praise and food, and are so eager to please that training is
easy. However males can be more easily distracted during training as males like to play so often,
and no matter what his age, the boy is more likely to act silly and more puppy-like,
always wanting to play games. Boys are fun loving to the end.
Females tend to get more reserved or dignified with age and are great couch potatoes
and typically are the ones with a weight problem.
Females don't tend to get distracted as easily, as she is more eager to get it over with.
Also if not neutered, females have literal periods or "heat" including bleeding, and moodiness,
some worse than others, and can be a month long nightmare.  
If taken to use the bathroom anywhere near your home while in heat she will leave her "scent"
and will attract every in tact male dog in the neighborhood.  
They will spend the next two or three weeks hanging around your house,
and if you think you can keep the males out of your yard, you are wrong!
You cannot leave your dog outside for a minute by itself.   
It's amazing the extent males will go to get with a female.
Most breeds, if well bred and socialized, are usually not aggressive
and get along with people and other animals no matter which sex they are.
Before deciding on a male or female please give consideration
to any other dogs that are in or around your home.  
Also look for other more important characteristics, such as which one do I like the looks of
better, which one seems to fit my personality,
which one do I enjoy watching, playing with and being with?
These are much more important questions than
"Which one is the female?"