Who is a " BOO"?
So, do you want a dog who looks like BOO ?
Then buy a Pomeranian and have
a BOO haircut cut.

Lately I am getting a lot of phone calls and emails asking if I have a puppy who will look like  
" BOO - The cutest dog in the world".
Who is Boo?
He has nearly two million fans and a book deal.
But Boo isn't a reality TV star, actor or a pop singer - he's a pet dog.
The five-year-old Pomeranian has the fame most celebrities dream of after amazing

1.79million fans on social networking site Facebook.
And Boo is also a hit with the ladies.

He attracted the attention of Hollywood stars including Khloe Kardashian,
who posted a picture of the dog on her blog last year and singer Ke$ha,
who Tweeted that Boo was 'her new boyfriend.'
Since then, Boo's Facebook page, launched in 2009, has gone viral,
receiving thousands of new fans a day.
Boo is a pet quality pomeranian, he is large - 10 lbs dog, definitely not a T cup.
      BOO - The World's Cutest Pomeranian